Formation Story No. 1: Creating a stronger sense of arrival with one campus entry

Client: Austin Oaks Church Challenge: Create a stronger sense of arrival at the main campus entry. One that celebrates the church’s new contemporary brand Steps: Entry and planting survey and city signage code research Demo coordination of existing monument sign and tree removal Redesign a stronger entry monument presence that is more visible and clearly […]

Branding the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Branding an Olympic Games is in many ways the ultimate challenge for a creative team. It is work that will be seen by people all over the world, it must represent both the spirit of the Olympics, as well as be unique to its host city. It also needs to be flexible enough to be […]

2016 Presidential Campaign Logos

By Matt Himes As the 2016 Presidential election draws closer and more and more hopefuls announce their candidacy, we figure now is a good time to provide some riveting intellectual commentary on several of the recently unveiled campaign logos. After all, each candidate’s design teams must have put in literally dozens of hours of work, […]

Architectural Room Numbering – Don’t get lost in the numbers!

Have you ever had trouble finding the room you’re looking for in a building? Maybe you’ve been turned around in an apartment complex, hospital, or office building. If so, you understand how frustrating it can be when the numbers are out of order or illogically tucked away down a random corridor. It can make visitors […]

The new(est) face of Google’s SEO

Google, being the goliath tech company that it is, and the go-to tool for web searches, has once again changed their rules for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this time for the better. The algorithms that drive the search engine are now calibrated to provide more useful and accurate results. The SEO tactics from 4 […]

Being selective with fonts and colors

What’s the big deal about fonts and colors anyway? Can’t you pretty much use any font that you think looks good? The answer lies in what you’re trying to do. Whether your creating your brand identity or a marketing campaign having a strong identity is numero uno. It’s not only the basis of the business’ […]

Concepting: The evolution of an identity

The brand strategy and naming process are the first steps in bringing a brand to life. Both of these need to align with the vision and goals of the endeavor. Once they’re determined, the initial creative kick-off for the identity design begins with an in-depth discussion of the vision, goals, target market and culture. Next […]