Creating the EastVillage ATX Brand Identity

With over 20 years in the communication design business, Janke is experienced at the exploration process required to create, or reveal, an appropriate brand identity. So, when Janke was hired to create a brand identity for EastVillage, a new 425 acre mixed-use residential community located in the heart of the north east tech corridor in […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Beth Moore

Specialty: Brand Positioning / Messaging Team member since: 2012   As we kick off our team interview series, it’s not everyday that you run into someone who lives and works on a ranch, working with ex-racehorses, while working with some of the top Silicon Valley businesses… but this is the day in the life of […]

Academia: A well crafted experience

Janke recently wrapped up a collaboration with ryb studios to create the brand identity and interior experiential graphics for a new and one-of-a-kind bar in downtown Austin, TX. The bar, Academia, is the brainchild of the 2012 Night Club & Bar Bartender of the Year and acclaimed mixologist from TV’s Bar Rescue hit show, Russell Davis. […]

Should I manage my own website content or have it outsourced?

You’ve launched your new website complete with a Content Management System and you’re getting traffic to the site, but whats next? To create returning visitors, increase your traffic and gain better search rankings, you’ve got to keep the content on your website fresh and updated. Adding content can be a burden for those with little […]

DIY vs Hire a professional? Website decisions ahead

Thanks to the online innovators and their Do-It-Yourself website platforms these days, the internet has become a place where most anyone can become website-savvy and create their own website without the help of a geek squad, but there’s a caution here… Even though the DIY process appears easier, hands on website design is still not […]

Your answers can be found in the data

With the advancements in online technologies available today, leveraging your online user data analytics is a resource you should be taking advantage of to boost your marketing intelligence. Gone are the days of purely relying on intuition to determine a marketing strategy. With results driven feedback and verified data, you should be basing your decisions […]

7 Signs your business could be ready for rebranding

Is your business doing well, but you see opportunities to expand into new areas? Are you thinking about adding a new product line to strengthen the business? Do you feel the timing is right to reposition the business for the upcoming year? Is your audience changing? Are you loosing business to the competition? If you’ve […]

Social Media – What does the future hold?

By Matthew Himes As the popularity of social media has skyrocketed, it has not only become a place to share and connect socially, it has become a new marketing frontier for business and brands. Social networks offer a way for companies to connect with consumers in new and interesting ways, and the ability to create […]