Janke Team Interview Series: Kamela Janke

Specialty: Principal / Wayfinding StrategistTeam member since: 1999  The eighth and final team interview in our series, is none other than the firm’s founder and president, Kamela Janke. When someone mentions “hit the ground running,” that’s exactly what Kamela’s career has looked like. She has been a designer on a mission! Having graduated from Texas Tech […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Sheryl Perry

Specialty: ControllerTeam member since: 2006  Seventh in our team interview series, is Sheryl Perry, Controller –– a dynamic combination of business counselor, financial advisor, coach and friend, to name a few. Having come from one of the big 4 accounting firms, Sheryl has been an integral part of the firm since 2006 and provides valuable insight […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Tim Janke

Specialty: Principal/Design DirectorTeam member since: 1999  Sixth in our team interview series is Tim Janke. Equal parts coach, designer, maker, brandmeister, and idea guy––Tim co-leads the team. If you let him, he’ll create concept sketches all day long and work out the details. His strong eye for design, intuition, and entrepreneurial perspective keep the firm in […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Peter King

Specialty: Website Strategist / Developer Team member since: 2008   Fifth in our team interview series, is Peter King –– mild mannered website designer by day, code crunching developer by night, and owner of Peter King Design –– a creative website design and development firm in Austin, TX. Peter’s knowledge, sensitivities, and counsel has kept our clients’ […]

How can Experiential Graphics improve your brands outdoor presence and experience?

Experiential Graphic Design* helps plan, orient, direct, inform, entertain, and identify destinations and messaging through multiple mediums and touch-points within the built environment. If you see the opportunity to propose more effective experiential graphics for your project, this list of reasons will help you explain the ROI: Helps with orientation and creating a positive pre-arrival […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Craig Andrews

Specialty: Website Conversion Specialist Team member since: 2016   Fourth in our team interview series, is Craig Andrews, a transplanted Chesapeake Bay cohort, Marine Corp veteran, and president of Allies4me in Austin, TX, a digital marketing agency that specializes in website conversions by uncovering clients’ next breakthrough that’s hiding in their history. By consistently achieving a high standard for producing triple-digit […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Vince Salas

Specialty: PR Counsel Team member since:  2012   Third in our team interview series, is Vincent Salas, a native Texan and president of Salas PR, a full service public relations practice in Austin, TX. Janke has had the opportunity to work with Vince and SPR for years, and we can tell you that he is […]

Janke Team Interview Series: Adam Ross

Position: Associate / Senior Designer / Project Manager Team member since: 2007   Second in our team interview series is Adam Ross, a disciplined designer who’s able to juggle a baby in one hand, and 3 projects in the other – while keeping the projects within budget and educating himself on new software, almost as fast […]